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“Never mind what others didn’t do. It’s what you did that counts.” – Napoleon Hill

The deal sounded too good to be true: a two-story townhouse, completely gutted and refurbished according to my specifications and design preferences. Coordination of contractors’ services and all aspects of the closing and financing were to be handled by an in-house development group — and at a price I could afford. The representative, draped in gold chains and reeking of dimestore cologne, grinned at me. “This is the easiest real estate transaction you’ll ever have,” he assured me, after informing me there was no need to use the Realtor I had selected to represent me just two weeks earlier. Being a first-time buyer, I nearly let the promise of a brand-spanking new townhouse blind me. That’s a scary thought.
Because once my Realtor caught wind of the development company’s tactics, he did a little research … and found out that these “developers” — who, now that I think about it, never identified themselves as Realtors — had a record of shady tactics with the state’s real estate commission. What was sold as the “easiest real estate transaction” I’d ever have could have been a nightmare. It was a hard lesson to learn right out of the starting gate. And yet, I’m glad it happened. The experience taught me the value of having a bona fide Realtor on my side — somebody who has appointed to look after my best interests, and sometimes even fight for them.
Sure, some people can and do go it alone when buying or selling homes. If you’re savvy enough to navigate the occasionally murky waters of the real estate transaction, then more power to you. But particularly for first-time buyers, the value of an experienced Realtor is immeasurable — a lesson I learned from the school of hard knocks. A Realtor’s role extends far beyond just finding a buyer, or a nice house in a good neighborhood. In many cases, your Realtor is there to provide a reality check — as mine did — and to handle the tough negotiations involved before closing. My Realtor has assured me that regardless of what those developers tried to spoon-feed me, the real estate transaction is never, ever easy. He doesn’t need to convince me.
Among a Realtor’s areas of expertise are:

  • Advertising properties both to other Realtors and prospective buyers on the MLS, as well as through other local and regional media;
  • Creating marketing strategies to sell properties, based on accurate information and research about each property;
  • Holding and supervising open houses in various properties on the market;
  • Offering recommendations and information about various neighborhoods and properties that fit within a buyer’s price range and individual preferences/lifestyle needs;
  • Draw up an estimate of the market value of the seller’s home;
  • Drawing up the contract and negotiating its terms;
  • Providing guidance to buyers seeking financing;
  • Coordinating and handling all issues related to the inspection;
  • Coordinating appraisals and contingency dates
  • Negotiating offers and counter offers;
  • Screening prospective buyers and reviewing their offers before an acceptance by the seller;
  • Assisting the seller when contract contingencies — for example, furnace repair, new carpet installation, etc. — are required; and
  • Coordinating details of the closing day.

While some sellers choose to “go it alone” in order to avoid having to pay a real estate commission, if you don’t know what you’re getting into, the results could be far more costly than the commission. In fact, a commission is really the price you pay for peace of mind. And for buyers, a Realtor eliminates much of the legwork involved in finding your next home. The process is much like finding a needle in a haystack — which is why it’s so critical to find yourself an experienced Realtor who possesses an intimate knowledge of local-market conditions and properties which represent a good investment. Best of all, your Realtor can go to bat for you, steering you clear of such scenarios as the memorable one recounted above.
While the townhouse I lost seemed great, my Realtor reminded me that the process shouldn’t be as shady as the one we’d just experienced. He successfully convinced me that this townhouse wasn’t worth the risks. So the search continues … for me, a little more cautiously than before. Whether or not I’ll find the townhouse of my dreams, I’m not sure, but I do know that I’m sold on the merits of having a Realtor on my side.

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Hi, I'm a transplanted northerner–(born and raised in New York to French immigrants–Oui je parle Francais)-living in Florida for 20 years. In the 70's I worked as a realtor in the Bronx – City Island to be exact. Then I started a family and didn't keep up my license. I aspired to a career in architecture, so I went to New York Institute of Technology for three years, moved to Florida and finished my degree at the University of Florida in Gainesville. After 10 years of working in my dream career I sustained an injury to my shoulder. This injury never healed because I was constantly on the computer doing cad design. I finally decided to make a career change – something where I could use my training as an architect. Needless to say, I was worried – where will the money come from? How will I be able to afford my career change? But, I put my faith in God and went for it. It’s the best move I ever made, other than my husband, children and dogs.

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